JSTW Advocaten


Pim Scholte

P. (Pim) Scholte LL.M. studied law at the University of Utrecht, with a focus on criminal law. After he graduated in 2002 he worked as a clerk at the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam for three years.


In August 2005 mr. Scholte started as a criminal defense lawyer at Korvinus Abeln Advocaten in Amsterdam. After he fulfilled his traineeship there he worked for Meijers Canatan Advocaten for two years, before starting JSTW Advocaten with three associates in February 2011.


Mr. Scholte is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA). He works also for the juridical magazine Nieuwsbrief Strafrecht. Mr. Scholte speaks English and French.


Mr. Scholte operates in the field of common criminal law, procedures before the Supreme Court, TBS-procedures (psychiatric forensic law) and confiscation procedures (in Dutch: ontneming van wederrechtelijk verkregen voordeel).