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JSTW criminal defense lawyers

Marije Jeltes, Pim Scholte, Pelle Tuinenburg and Niels van Wersch are the founders of JSTW criminal defense lawyers. Complemented with Rob Jan Pardijs and Max den Blanken, we focus on the criminal law practice and provide legal assistance for individuals as well as corporations. Each criminal investigation or case is different and demands a unique approach, with your best interest at heart.

Knowledge of criminal law and practical experience are essential to achieve the maxiumum result. We have this knowledge and experience in copious amounts. In every criminal case, big or small, we will search and find the best strategy. We promise you professional and personal legal service. If we can prevent criminal prosecution, we will aim to achieve this. When prosecution is a matter of fact, we will provide you with the best legal service before, during and after trail.

Our office is located in the A.J. Ernststraat in the south of Amsterdam and you can find us in all Dutch courts and if necessary, we will launch an appeal at the Dutch Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.